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St. Clair Shores MI Child Custody Lawyers

Proven Representation in Child Custody and Modification Matters

There are many overwhelming fears that accompany child custody matters. Many fathers are scared that they will lose access to their children entirely. Many mothers are so fearful about losing custody that they unnecessarily give away a large share of their assets in the divorce negotiations in exchange for being able to hold on to the children.

People do not make good choices when they are operating out of fear. At Cherf and Greenup, P.C., in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, we help settle the fears of divorcing parents by educating them about the law and their rights, and by standing beside them in child custody matters to be certain their rights and interests are properly and aggressively presented to the courts.

If you are considering divorce or are already divorced, and you have questions about child custody and support issues, speak with an experienced family law attorney who will explain your options and help to set your mind at ease. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

Custody, Support and Visitation Agreements Are Not Set in Stone

Certain changes in life circumstances can justify a request to have the courts review your existing child custody, visitation and child support arrangements. Common occurrences that can lead to a modification include:

  • Job loss
  • Substantial pay increase
  • Geographic move
  • Remarriage
  • Change in a parent's behavior that threatens a child's well-being

If you have experienced a significant life change and are wondering how it impacts your existing agreements, speak with a knowledgeable child custody lawyer at Cherf and Greenup, P.C., to find out if modifications are possible. Contact us today.