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St. Clair Shores MI Will Contest Lawyers

Effective Estate Litigation Representation in Michigan

At Cherf and Greenup, P.C., we understand that disputes often occur in the process of administering an estate, and wills and trusts are commonly contested.

Our estate litigation attorneys have represented individuals from St. Clair Shores and its neighboring communities in will contests and estate litigation for more than 35 years. Our firm helps clients seeking to defend an estate and those who want to raise a challenge.

Mental incapacity is the most common grounds for challenging a will or trust, but individuals also claim:

  • The document was drafted under duress or undue influence
  • A more current document exists
  • Beneficiaries were mistakenly or unfairly left out
  • There has been a breach of duty in the execution

If you are caught up in a conflict over a loved one's estate and wondering if you have legal rights to an inheritance, or if you are a personal representative and have found yourself needing to defend an estate, you need to speak with a knowledgeable estate litigation lawyer.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We will give you a frank assessment of your case. Many people are left in an unfair position as a result of how a will or trust was drafted — people are left out or treated inequitably — but the law doesn't demand that all heirs be treated equally. We will let you know where you stand from a legal perspective.