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St. Clair Shores MI Estate Planning Attorneys

You Want Reassurance. We Deliver.

When you engage an estate planning attorney, you are really looking for reassurance. You want to feel confident that the assets you have accumulated in your lifetime will be preserved and will be distributed according to your wishes.

At Cherf and Greenup, P.C., in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, we manage the details of estate planning for clients so they can relax in the solace of knowing that their affairs have been taken care of, and taken care of correctly.

Our lawyers each have more than 35 years of experience and have mastered both the small details and the big picture understanding that is required for effective estate planning. We also handle elder law issues for senior clients or children who are helping older parents with their planning.

If you want the reassurance of knowing your estate or the estate of a loved one is in order, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more.

If You Are Nervous or Uncertain, You Are Not Alone

It takes a certain amount of courage to pick up the phone and call an estate planning lawyer. Many of our clients tell us that making that phone call was a difficult first step, but that once they got past it, the process was more comfortable and easier than they ever anticipated. Plus, for that one moment of anxiety, they received years of comfort, knowing that they had taken care of a very important matter.

Many people find the topic of estate planning to be intimidating. You do not need to come to our firm with any pre-existing knowledge of what the various tools are and how they work. We will educate you in plain language, make recommendations based on what we learn from you and guide you with a sure hand through all of the steps in the planning process.

When you meet with us, we will take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. Examples of questions that come up in those first meetings include:

  • Do I really need a will?
  • Why would I choose to use a trust?
  • Will I be able to get at my assets if I put them in a trust?
  • I don't want my money to be lost to taxes and end up with the government, what can I do to avoid that?
  • I have young children, what specifically do I need to do to protect and provide for them?
  • I have a child with special needs, is there any way I can influence how he or she handles an inheritance to help ensure he or she makes wise choices?
  • How do I avoid losing government benefits my special needs child may be receiving?

All of your questions are welcome. Contact us today to get answers from an experienced estate planning attorney in a relaxed atmosphere.